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Personal Greeting

Realizing this morning that not much has changed since I came to Namibia 18 years ago.  No surprise, I guess, that just like everywhere in the world cycles of destruction continue unless broken in the name of Jesus!  Just last week a new born was found at the sewage plant, cut up and disposed right here in this small town where we live.  Though everyone wants to have babies, the caring for babies once they are born is another story.  Thus, the start of CoPMN back in 2003.  A core piece of our mission is to stand in the gap for the children who have no voice.  For me the good news is that each young adult who has been a part of CoPMN over the years who has given birth is taking care of their children.  In a culture where children have little to no value (generally speaking) the fact that these young women are taking responsibility is a success in my book.  Jeremiah 1.5 confirms that God has knowledge of each and every one of us before we are even a thought in our mother’s minds.  Lord, help us to help the children who cross our path to realize their value as sons and daughters of the King.

What is Next

  • Well, this year has flown by and we have about 6 more weeks of active learning at TKCA.  We are in the planning stages of our end of year Celebrations!
  • Our older children continue their learning cycle at Anistemi and all have found their feet.
  • Sylvia and Richard return to Namibia after a sabbatical combined with renewing friendships around the world.
  • Zuelery enters high school in 2018 so Mommy Beulah is on a quest to get her settled into a good high school.  The country’s educational system continues deteriorating leaving students with little option other than costly private school for solid academic learning.
  • We continue a path of transition for TKCA.  Thank you for your continued prayers that God’s ultimate plan will come to fruition.


We are grateful for the safe return of Sylvia and Richard.

Janis’ new job assisting on a building site is proving to be a learning opportunity.

Savannah returned home after spending most of September with my family while helping at TKCA.

Riaan has settled in at Mt. Sinai as an assistant to the Founder and he seems to have found his “fit”.  Years of adjustment and attempts at finding Riaan his place of safety and production has finally paid off.

We remain grateful for our worldwide partners who continually stretch themselves to allow to keep on keeping on.

Sannetjie gave birth on September 11, 2017 to a healthy, baby boy albeit a tiny one – 1.7kgs at birth.  Both are well.

Hailey heard from one of our top choices for a school in Pennsylvania with a positive response that they would love to have Hailey join their student ranks.  They said they would work with us when we are ready to return!  Thank you, Lord!

Specific Need

  • My work permit is still only until the end of November 2017. Pray that I receive the necessary document to have it extended until 2019.
  • Pray for our financial situation asking that God’s will be done!
  • As Victoria looks at an uncertain future with further studies along with responsibilities for Mickayla, may her way be made clear.
  • Please continue to pray for wisdom, patience, insight and discernment for Brenda as there are so many unknowns ahead.
  • May Sylvia’s return to fulltime ministry be a noneventful transition.

Personal Prayer

Thanking God for His plan.
from the Namib,

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