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Personal Greeting

Sending greetings and good blessings to you from us here in the Namibian desert.  God has honored our obedience by sending a pair of His warriors to us in Namibia to view His ministry through new eyes.  As a result, we have been greatly encouraged by the injection of energy and recognition of what Children of Promise represents through foster care and “educare”.   John and Sandy’s love of the Lord and recognition of his Lordship was an encouragement each new day.  Many verses in the New Testament inspire us to “buoy up” one another in our faith.  I believe that God has sent John and Sandy for just this purpose!  Humbled and blessed, I give God the glory for His perfect plan!  Thank you for being faithfully part of His plan!



What is Next

  • End of school year is approaching quickly.  Exams will start the third week in November.  Our class rosters for TKCA 2018 are filling up quickly and the end of November is a deadline for deposits and January tuitions to be paid.  We are embolden to move forward with a plan for the school to continue to run through 7th grade in 2018.  Thank you for your prayers on this front.
  • We are in the process of selling the Ministry House in Arandis.
  • Our friends from Germany, Ms. Uschi and Mr. Drafi are here until the end of the school year!  Above they visited with Riaan, Queen & Smithley.


A positive response from our parents concerning an increase in tuition gives us hope that TKCA will operate as is in 2018.  We give God the glory and will know for sure by the end of November.

What a rollercoaster ride we have had the past six months!  Sannetjie and Jeremiah visited with us for two weeks while John and Sandy were here.  What a blessing for my family and our extended family including TKCA that John and Sandy came to visit.

Janis and Stefanus’ birth family tracked us down as the birth mother had asked to see the boys.  We spent a day visiting with the birth mother, Mina and man of their birth father’s family who have lived most of their life steps away from The Ark, where I met the boys.

The 7th grade class of TKCA enjoyed a field trip to the Swakopmund Museum.  Sylvia and Richard returned safely from their journey and were plunged right back into ministry business.

My home sold, which I will continue to rent for a few months, and then I have found a place for us to live in Swakopmund in 2018.  God took care of all the details.

Arandis has two Peace Corps workers and one of them offered to do a class one day a week with our 7th graders with a focus on words.

John also taught English for the two weeks he was here!  What an opportunity for the children!!

Adisha, one of the CoPMN children has become a part of the Darryl & Lessel Beukes family.  What a joy for all involved.

Jessa Graham got settled in the USA and has started her tertiary training.  As we look back over 11 years of Praise God for his faithfulness!

Sandy and I had an opportunity to participate in a recognition of Linda Banks Udvari, a dear friend from our college days, who died in 2010 from cancer.  She and her husband George are my friends who brought me to Namibia for the first time in 1997.  Oh, how God unfolds His plans!

Specific Need

  • Personally, I am still waiting for a resolution to my work permit dilemma.  Sylvia has offered to assist as my current work permit expires at the end of November.
  • Sannetjie and Jeremiah are in a volatile living situation.  Prayers that Sannetjie can be wise in her decision making process are needed.
  • Continue to pray for TKCA and our future.   The parents must make a financial commitment for the school to remain open and operating as it is today.  Of course, this is something that the community and CoPMN would like to see.

Personal Prayer

Praising God in all circumstances!

From the Namib Desert with love and gratefulness,

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