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Personal Greeting

A wise friend said to me this month that she asks God what she is missing that He keeps allowing the same challenging situations to arise in her life!  God’s timing is perfect and this comment has stuck in my mind as I ask God what is it that I need to change, Lord?  This is something we have probably heard many times over in our life and now is the time that I needed to hear it again.  As I write, the Spirit is speaking to my heart and suggesting that I be content regardless of my circumstances.  The grass always looks greener on the “other side” but of course, we know that isn’t true.   A life in the Namib Desert is not easy however a life on “Main Street, USA” is not always easy either.  It is my heart’s desire to find contentment regardless of my physical location.  I have a tendency to feel sorry for myself that God has had me on the mission field for so long.  As of now, I am taking a deep breath and allowing God to fill me with a sense of trust that my wellbeing rests in His hands.  I am continually overwhelmed and humbled that each of you are God’s hands, feet and mouth in my life as you ride out this journey with me.  Thank you for remaining faithful and obedient as my work here depends on your work from there!  God is good! All the time!!

What is Next

  • Mr. Drafi is working with Janis teaching him some skills in general maintenance.  Janis is really enjoying the opportunity to learn.  Additionally, they are teaching basic life skills to our older children!
  • Our end of year celebrations for TKCA will be upon us soon.  The teachers and children are in full swing in preparation.
  • Sannetjie is working with a few of our 6th graders who have quite a talent in art, sharing some of the skills she has learned!
  • Mr. Paul is having cataract surgery on both his eyes.
  • Sylvia is having her last surgery surrounding her breast cancer.  We praise God for his continued care!
  • The month of November is always quite a busy one as we tie up one school year and prepare for the new one “around the corner. “


Moretti Ministries has confirmed a financial grant to allow us to move our “prefab” building to the school property!   Much needed space will be available for the 2017 school year.

Stefanus on almost a daily basis reminds me of God’s love for us.  I am so grateful for the peace of Stefanus’ heart which comes from Jesus Christ himself.

My children and Rosie continue to do well with their horseback riding.  I would love to get my boys with some real cowboys doing some “real” ranch work sometime in our future!

Thank God for His providential care for CoPMN, TKCA and of course, my personal family – by His grace!

Germany sent much needed items for Anistemi via container which arrived safely the end of October.  Smithly, Ismael and Dennis are back at Anistemi.  Riaan still plans to pursue a culinary opportunity through a tourist lodge in the south.  Pray for him to have the courage and fortitude to ride it out as all of our children have difficulties “going it alone”.

Specific Need

  • We are not sure of our needs for teachers in 2017 so we are leaving it in God’s hands for the solution.
  • Our educational system in Namibia continues to deteriorate as the general populace is demanding free education.  Of course, free education comes at a cost.
  • Hailey and Rosie will be finished at TKCA at the end of 2017.  I am seeking God’s wisdom for our next step – a consideration is home schooling!
  • Pray for Teacher Memory who has now quit due to health issues.
  • Pray for Ms. Friedell as she continues to deal with the effects of her previous cancer.
  • Pray for an unfolding of a long term plan as it relates to TKCA.  Since the community of Arandis cannot sustain the school through tuition, we need to face what options we have after then nest few years.
  • Uncle Steve is working diligently to pull together the music program for the end of the year program.  Please pray for energy as he moves between Otjiwarango and Arandis.

Personal Prayer

Lord, keep my mind, body and soul whole!!
Love from the Namib!  XO Brenda

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