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Personal Greeting

Namibian Education results for 2016 have been tallied and the indication is that the fail rate continues to be above 50% of all students!  Keeping that statistic in mind, be aware that a pass mark is only 40%!  The Namibian government has been forced to make excessive budget cuts including in education which means 2017 will be short even more teachers!!  How difficult it is for our children to receive a quality education.  Though there are private schools available most of them are beyond the financial ability of the masses.  The role that CoPMN plays through TKCA is vital.  Thank you for being such a critical partner in this ministry to God’s children of Namibia.  Despite the daily challenges, we face we are grateful to God for His perfect plan and faith-fulness.  Thank you for assisting us to be God’s hands and feet!!


  • Sitting in the office at TKCA, I am looking at a pictorial history of our school.  Over the years we have had so many people who donated time, finances and talents to assist us here in Namibia.  This year we have a team coming in June and we have 2-3 German volunteers also coming!  Praise God for all those who pray, who come and who give sacrificially financially.
  • Anistemi was opened to the students in mid-February.  Most of the TKCA older youth are participating there.
  • My family and TKCA in February had visitors from Finland doing a project concerning special need children around the world.  As Hailey said, “we are blessed to meet so many people from so many different countries!” Amen.
  • Some of our partners from Germany are visiting with us the end of March.  That our worldwide partners can come and be a part of God’s work here on a regular basis which allows them an opportunity to see how their money is invested into the children of Namibia.  We are grateful!!
  • As an example of God’s work over the years look at this picture from 2004 – Amanda, who has one child, is now teaching , Katrin, who has 2 children, is now operating her own pre-school and daycare, Charmaine, married and with 1 child, is teaching at TKCA, Salome, finished high school in December, is working in retail, and Chriszelda is now attending Anistemi College and Training Center.  The path has not been easy and never smooth but in the end the question is -has God’s will been done?  May these sisters ultimately give God honor in their decisions.

Specific Need

  • Pray for Sylvia as she is under a great deal of stress organizing Anistemi before she leaves for an extended sabbatical.
  • Our youth continue to make unwise decisions when it comes to drugs and alcohol.  Alcoholism is a HUGE problem in this country – please pray for God’s intervention.
  • Pray for the full registration of Anistemi, as this organization is assisting our youth to have contributing skills for their future.
  • The Graham family, who have been long time colleagues in our ministry are facing very challenging decisions.  Pray that God will prevail in their situation and that His desire will be the one that triumphs in the end.
  • Health issues continue to manifest in many of our staff – we are asking that God’s protection over our health will prevail.
  • With a work permit expiration quickly approaching I am trusting God to take care of the details.
  • As my children continue to grow, the void left by a lack of godly, male role models becomes more apparent.  It is my prayer that God will move hearts of mature, Christian men and women to come for periods of time to feed into our children. (fares are currently under $1000US roundtrip)
  • I realize that one of the greatest gifts my family receives is to travel to the USA and stay in the homes of friends, families and partners who are couples who honor God and each other.  We miss this between trips – though it has not yet been a year the kids are already asking,  “when is our next trip, ouma?”

Personal Prayer

Lord, help me to help my children to grow in love of God and others as they grow in submission to the Lordship of Christ!  Love,

from the Namib Desert, Brenda

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