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Personal Greeting

God gave me an incredible gift during the month of June.  At church, here in Namibia, I was reunited with the husband of a college roommate  with whom contact had been lost over the years.  My friend died in 2010 of cancer and this was the first time I had seen any of her family.  This was such a gift as George and I reminisced while crying and laughing together.  We had been friends for over 30 years when circumstances brought our communication to a standstill.  I have often reflected on those circumstances and have always been sad about missing all these years together.  God’s love for each of His children was so manifested to me in the opportunity He gave me to “run into George”!  George and Linda were my friends who brought me to Namibia for the first time in 1998.  “Grace to all who  love our Lord, Jesus Christ, with an undying love.” Ephesians 6.24  God’s grace was received and appreciated by this His servant.  Thank you Lord for your undying love for each of your children!

What is Next

Looking beyond 2019, when I return to the USA, we have a few proposals on the table.  The decisions ahead of us as we consider what it will take to keep TKCA in operation are huge!  We are meeting with staff and parents to confer about possibilities especially as it relates to finances. Because the Namibian government is broke, our financial situation at both TKCA and Anistemi are a bit more vulnerable as we have relied on the portion of government money contributed because of our client base.  So far in 2017 we have received nothing.


  • I received another two-year work permit if we submit a letter from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare.  This final permit should get me through a departure date in 2019.
  • Our friends from Grace Community Church in Boca Raton, Florida joined our team at TKCA for the last week of June.  My family was blessed to have them staying with us and we were blessed!!  Everyone who visited has skills that were used at TKCA and at Anistemi.  It is always such a gift to welcome folks from around the world who give of their time, money and expertise to help us!
  • Nan and Elizabeth’s time with us was yet another blessing.  Nan, as always, gives her heart and soul to the students and teachers of TKCA.  It is our prayer that she will continue to come on an annual basis if she is able!

We are so grateful for our worldwide partners and their commitment to this ministry for YEARS!!

Specific Need

It is imperative that we continue to pray for the future of TKCA and Anistemi and for all the children there.  Pray for our children who continue to make adult decisions that is placing them in very vulnerable situations.

We have two parent meetings coming up to discuss what the future will look like for TKCA.   Keeping attitudes positive with the unavoidable changes is a challenge.  Helping the communities of TKCA and Anistemi recognize the importance and necessity of finances to run such operations is essential.  Wisdom, discernment and insight are needed on the best approaches to reaching the most effective goals.

Our children are choosing alcohol and drugs over education and opportunity at an alarming rate.  It remains difficult to almost impossible to get substantial help for our children who suffer with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (including Janis & Stefano’s ) with all the many symptoms they have.

Pray for Sanities as she continues to question her own choice of the street and the challenges ahead of her with a baby on the way.  God help us all!!

Personal Prayer

May His will be done.  Love and Greetings from the Namib!  Happy July 4th!!

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