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Personal Greeting

Since my last writing, an 18-year-old was murdered in Arandis and a new born baby was left under a tree in a plastic bag.  A death alone and a new life alone!  Both these incidents saddened my heart.  We live in a world of such despair and hopelessness.  As I discussed with Stella about my life since arriving in Namibia, there were many facts of life that did revolve around despair.  I am grateful to God, that I have survived, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually through these 17 years.  Recounting some of my experiences since coming to Namibia, reminded me once again of how different my world is on this continent!  I know, without a doubt, the prayers of many around the world have sustained me as God honored those prayers.  Thank you for riding this journey to the end with me.  It is always an adventure!!

What is Next

  • TKCA is back in full swing.  We are about 150 students strong.  The additional classroom is being used and we are grateful to all who made that happen.
  • Stella, a delight, arrived from Germany and will be with us until mid-April.
  • Stefanus is working everyday which is good for him and good for the school.
  • Uncle Steve arrived back in Namibia after a few weeks in the USA.
  • Anistémi has been busy integrating new staff AND furnishing and preparing hostel space for the students in 2017.
  • Sannetjie has been employed by one of the German kindergartens as a teacher’s assistant!
  • The entire team of CoPMN and TKCA have returned for 2017.
  • Remaining grateful we praise God for his care.


Financially, God has taken care of all the details.  Our partners in the USA, His Promise Ministries, had an incredible year with almost double the number of donations in 2016.  January 2017 has started out as another healthy month for which we give God the praise!  We remain humble and grateful for His Promise Ministries and Kinder und familienhilfe Namibia who provide the core of our financial needs through individuals such as you.

We have had much needed lovely rain around Namibia although Arandis remains dry.

Janis participated in another dressage competition at the beginning of January.  He did well in his ranking. I am so grateful for the relationships the children have established with the owner and staff of Okakombe Trails.  What a gift it is to us!

Dennis arrived back in Namibia safely and is settled with Mommy Varity until Anistémi opens.

Brendon asked to transfer high schools and by the grace of God, Mr. Paul got him a place at one of our top performing high schools where his sister already schools.

A team from Grace Community has confirmed that they will join us at the end of June!

Specific Need

  • Anistémi will be starting the 2017 school year in mid-February.  Our prayer is that their registration will be approved soon and that each student who attends Anistémi will have the opportunity to say “yes” to Jesus.
  • Pray that our children will realize that their value is in Jesus not in what other people think, say or do.
  • Pray for our families to be strong in their biblical foundations allowing God to be the head of their household.
  • Pray that our teachers and other staff will find the means to continue or begin their studies to reach their ultimate goals.
  • Pray for unity among the TKCA staff.
  • Pray for Brenda as she continues to look towards and through the next 3 years, determining what will be the best options for her family.
  • Pray, that as Grace Community Church recommits itself to CoPMN/TKCA that hearts will be changed by Jesus and that their partnership will remain strong.

Personal Prayer

As God’s precious child, pray that I will stay in step with Him without trying to anticipate what His next plan is for me! Praise God that His plan is to prosper me and not to harm me !!

from the Namib Desert,

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