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Personal Greeting

My heart was quite full towards the end of November as the TKCA school year ended.  Staff, parents and students celebrated a year full of challenges and academic excellence.  As our country’s educational system continues to deteriorate the number of TKCA students who performed at a level of excellence was extraordinary.  From age

3 through our 7th grade the staff and students worked hard to achieve their God given potential.  I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude as I attended two celebrations in one week.  One of our previous students asked to deliver a “commencement speech” which gave TKCA credit for the Christ centered foundation he received which was the jumping off point to the success he is experiencing now in high school.  We give God the glory for the difference that is being made in the lives of children through CoPMN.  Thank you for your continued prayers, love and financial support. Our partnership and work are dedicated to the Glory of God!

What is Next

  • For TKCA, the school office is open until December 5 as we await potential parents and students.  Our rosters are currently half full for the 2018 school year.
  • Our older children are in their families for the summer break with a few of them acquiring holiday jobs.
  • Sylvia and her team at Anistemi have finished off their school year as well with much potential ahead of them for 2018.
  • On the personal front, I did not receive the letter I needed to have my work permit approved for the two years.  I have left my passport at Home Affairs with a commitment that I will obtain a 3-month extension at worse and the two year stamp at best.
  • My family will be busy during December downsizing and giving away our “things”.   I have adjusted and trust God in His plan.
  • As I look at how my personal funding has gone as well now with this work permit outcome I have peace that God’s plan is different than mine!
  • The Graham family have also decided to return to the states in May 2018.  They are busy with an adoption application for the 4 younger Namibian children they have been parenting for over 5-years. We are prayerful that they will return as a family of 12 compared to the family of 6 as they entered.
  • The Beukes’ are hosting a friend from Holland and will take a bit of time away in Capetown.  All the staff has a 5 week respite to prepare for the new adventure in 2018.


Giving thanks that the future of TKCA looks hopeful.

Mr. Paul and Ms. Francy will return to lead the staff.

The CoPMN children (young adults) seem to have found their feet.

The Beukes’ have opened up their hearts and home to Smithley, Adisha and Riaan for his holiday.

Mickayla has been reunited with her mother, Victoria, who has completed her undergraduate study in law.

The process of Brenda’s house sale is moving along.

Sannetjie and Jeremiah, despite difficulties, seem to be doing OK and Jeremiah is healthy.

We are thankful for the commitment of Ms. Uschi and Mr. Drafi during their volunteer time at TKCA.

Specific Need

Pray for God’s will to be done in the lives of the 4 Koch children and the Graham family.  Much like the work permit situations there is sometimes no rhyme or reason to the answers of the government.  May Brenda’s heart continue to have peace as she moves forward on the fast-track return to the USA.  A positive solution to Hailey entering the USA long-term.  Janis & Stefanus have all wisdom teeth removed on December 1.

Personal Prayer

Praising God for His Perfect Plan.  May the Joy of Christmas be yours.

Love,  Brenda

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