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Personal Greeting

As I was writing my prayer calendar, I was hit with the realization, once again, that for 17 years my family and I have been dependent on God and those who he has burdened to support us financially.  Overwhelmed with gratitude, I give God the glory, and you the thanks for remaining faithful for so many years.  Remembering my first conversations with God when He asked me to leave my life in corporate America when I insisted that I was not going to beg for money, I am humbled as I say I never had to ask.  Through your sacrificial giving, monthly, my family and I continue to serve in Namibia.  Do you ever wonder how much longer we can continue?  I certainly do!  Unable to work legally for any kind of financial gain here in Namibia keeps my head and heart grounded.  Thank you for another year of loyalty, devotion, and partnership with my family.   Janis, Stefanus, Hailey, Sannetjie, and I, as well as many unnamed, send you a heart-felt thanks and wishes for a Blessed, Joyous Christmas Season!  Because of Him, we are one!

What is Next

  • For most the month of December and into the New Year is a time of rest.
  • My kids and I will be preparing TKCA for 2017 as we need to move around classrooms and find furniture to equip an additional classroom.
  • Our teachers have committed to return for which we are grateful.
  • It is imperative for us to continue with our Educare support for about 24 of our students so I will use the time while school is closed to contact each of our sponsors.
  • We have a grant submission due right after the first of the year which also will be one of my projects.
  • Hailey and the boys will spend 3 days a week at Okakombe Horse Ranch giving them an opportunity for outdoor work and fun.  In between, we will spend time at the beach or at the desert pool.  Already, it feels like our 6 week break is full!  Most of our other staff will take the holiday period to travel or visit family and friends.


decchild1We had fun filled end of year celebrations at the pre-school level and at the primary level.  We have so many students that we require two celebrations.  Most of the students performed quite well!

We are grateful to hear that Teacher Memory is back on her feet health wise though she is not returning to teaching.

decchildren2The majority of the children under CoPMN returned to their homes for a 2 month break from Anistemi.

Uncle Steve pulled off his music program with TKCA students despite the lack of preparation time.

msuschimrdrafiMs. Uschi and Mr. Drafi returned to their beloved Berlin after spending 2 months of their time with us.  This may be their last trip and we are forever grateful for the 7 years they have dedicated to us.

We are grateful for worldwide partners who continue tirelessly to support all facets of the ministry.

In thanksgiving we wish all a Christ filled Christmas Season!

Specific Need

  • Pray that our children will realize before it is too late that drugs, alcohol and promiscuity are not what will fill the hole in their heart.
  • Pray for health issues amongst children, staff and families.
  • As all staff need rest and relaxation away from the stress of their positions, we pray for a peaceful time away.
  • My children will be spending 3 days a week at the horse farm and I pray for protection and an opportunity to grow in responsibility.
  • Pray that Jesus will hold tight to each of our children even as they are being drawn into the pitfalls of the world!

Personal Prayer

May the miracle of Christmas fill our hearts and homes with joy and peace!

May the love of Christ fill your 2017!

Love from, Brenda, Janis, Stefanus, Sannetjie and Hailey.

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