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Personal Greeting

Lots of decisions on our plate and as a result lots of thoughts going through my mind.  I would be relieved to know that we have a school for Hailey to enter in 2019.  Eastern Pennsylvania is still our target destination. So far, we do not have an open door. My work permit is currently only stamped into my passport until November 2017.  The other 18 months are reliant on my receiving a letter confirming CoPMN legitimacy from Ministry of Gender Equality (questionable how that will go). Additionally, the financial situation of TKCA is dire and we are challenged currently to make our budget.  The unknowns always seem to outnumber the knowns but, of course, that is a part of life.

My family needs prayer and the TKCA future needs prayer.  We are dependent on you to pray with us for God to reveal to us His perfect plan.  Thank you for your faithfulness!

What is Next

  • We seem to have come full circle and are back where we started some 13 years ago.  The Namibian government is broke resulting in nonpayment of funds to educational institutions such as TKCA and Anistemi.  Though most of our funding comes from overseas we have relied on the Namibian government for approximately $25,000 US dollars a year at TKCA.  This year, we have not and will not receive.  This has had a devastating impact on our budget for 2017.    As an organization, we are looking at the future of TKCA.  Though the community of Arandis wants the option of a private school for their children’s education, they are not prepared to carry the financial burden of supporting such a school.
  • TKCA’s annual Fun Day is Saturday, August 5.
  • A short school break begins Friday, August 18.
  • A friend and ministry partner along with her son will come to experience a bit of our life here in Arandis for the later part of August.  Together with our sponsored children we will make something for each sponsor.
  • A possible jumble sale is also in the plan towards the end of August.  We are looking at every possible alternative to make a few extra dollars.


We praise God and give Him the honor for all that has been accomplished over the past 18 years.  We also want to thank God for His perfect plan and for our current circumstances no matter how challenging.

We praise God that Sylvia and Richard continue to receive mercy after mercy as they travel and enjoy the hospitality and love of our European partners.

Janis has had an opportunity to live and work at the horse farm for one month now.  An incredible opportunity to give him a chance to “live life” without ouma!  He has done very well and absolutely loves it!  We are so grateful for his natural ability with horses!

We visited with Sannejtie in July and found her quite healthy and seemingly OK.  She spent a few days with us.   God is good when it comes to caring for His children!  All the time!

My family is assisting Victoria with Mickayla until November 2017 so that Victoria can graduate with an undergraduate degree in law.  We are grateful that God has given us hearts to help others.

Brendan and Annaleisa continue to focus on their education looking

Specific Need

Personally, and professionally we need prayer.  God, alone, knows what the future holds and how we as His hands and feet can attain His mission.  From my work permit to the lack of funds to run TKCA, and to support our older children at Anistemi,  God’s wisdom is needed to make the difficult decisions facing us.  Please join us as we make a call to prayer to our partners around the world.  The sale of my current home is necessary for my family and I to move forward towards a transition back to the USA.  Clarity on teachers who will remain with TKCA compared to those who will move on is needed.  Protection over the children of Namibia as they face a difficult future with limited educational opportunities.

Personal Prayer

Praise God that all belongs to Him.  Our trust is in Him for deliverance, in whatever form He chooses.

Love from the Namib, Brenda

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