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Personal Greeting

Though my body is physically in Arandis, Namibia my heart, mind and soul keep wondering away.  I keep rewinding the words of Stella who said, “get your children out of here!”  She was speaking specifically of Arandis.  Hailey is in her last year at TKCA with our school year ending in November.   There is no doubt that I am looking for opportunity for our next step.  This month I have considered the option of moving to Swakopmund.  Many things to consider though especially since the boys’ work is at TKCA which is in Arandis and, of course, TKCA is my main responsibility.  None the less, I am putting all possibilities into the mix!  My heart insists that I find an option for the children that will allow them to grow and not become stagnant.  With nothing to do in Arandis except work or school (both important considerations) our life is void of extra-curricular activities that assist the children to grow.  God has taken care of the details through the years and I remain committed to waiting on Him.  Thank you for praying with me that I will be ever mindful of God’s direction for me, waiting patiently rather than rushing forward! 


  • Namibia has had rain and in March even Arandis had rain.  We had rivers that have not seen water for a couple of years with water.  In a dry, arid country like Namibia it is always a time of thanksgiving when the rains come!
  • Norbert and his group from Germany had a safe and colorful trip to Namibia.
  • Stella’s father, Peter, arrived safely and he and Stella are off on a Namibian adventure.
  • Janis spent 5 days and nights at the horse farm to get a sense of what that kind of work entails!  Unfortunately, it was the hottest weather Swakopmund had seen in decades with temperatures hovering between 110-120 during the day cooling to only around 95 at night!  Not the best of conditions but I am quite proud of his perseverance and commitment.
  • Hailey and Stefanus also spent the days of their one week school holiday at the horse farm helping wherever needed.  Again, this was the week with the heat wave and yet the children persevered without complaint.  Certainly, I am a proud mama!!
  • Sylvia and Richard begin a needed sabbatical on April 1, 2017.  We have committed to “leave them alone” during this time!
  • A new drug and alcohol rehabilitation center opened on a farm in Usakos which is the location of Anistémi.  We are grateful for this as we again have three of our youth staying at the center.  This center uses the 12-step program and we are prayerful that God will use this time to touch the souls of these boys!
  • Ms. Nan has notified us that she is coming over for a month or so later this year! Teacher Charmaine, our first-grade teacher, will reap the benefits of Ms. Nan’s trip!!
  • Lea will be back in April for her spring break!  We are grateful to God for His provision so that she can come.
  • Stella has been a HUGE help in my household specifically during her time here and she will be greatly missed.  Hailey will especially miss her companionship of an “older sister”.
  • Finally, after 6 months, my “new/used” car could pass a roadworthy test allowing me to register it!
  • Our partners from Germany and the USA continue to be faithful and we are eternally grateful for the partnership.  Our work in Namibia is dependent on the generous hearts and prayers of our partners!

Specific Need

Please continue to pray for approval of my work permit which expired on March 15th.  Of course, my renewal was submitted in plenty of time so my expired permit means only that I cannot leave the country if I want to come back.

Pray for me as I start once again to assist with English at TKCA.

Continue to pray for Annetjie and Sannetjie.  Sannetjie has returned to her life on the street and Annetjie has never left it.  As with so many of our children, no matter how many opportunities they are given something drives them to destruction.  Knowing God is the victor, we pray for His redeeming grace.

Dennis, Ismael and Smithley are once again in rehab and we are relying on God’s grace to pull them out of the “mire” of drugs and alcohol.

Personal Prayer

May I remember we are all “God’s children”.
from the Namib Desert, Brenda

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